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Overview is an online gambling site where you can play Dice, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette and Lottery. Anyone can gamble using various cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-games accepts various type of crypto-currency(digital currency) it includes:






-lite coin

-play money

-peer coin




-slot machine




How secure the is? Crypto-games uses SSL encryption See the link below for better understanding of SSL encryption Read more

Fairness: In every aspect of a gambling site fairness really is the main issue. Crypto-games was been operating in the market for two years so the probability being fair is really high.

Free credits: provides free credits through faucets. Faucet amount claims may vary to your account level. Lowest level(lvl 0) can have 500 free satoshi credits(lowest form of bitcoin). Claims will be available when you reach 0 credit. The highest level(lvl35) 20k satoshi per claim.

Note: credits are also available in other cryptocurrencies on the site just convert the bitcoin value to that certain currency.

Features: Here are some of the crazy features that provides.

-Play slot games while you listen to funky beats Yes, you read it right you could listen to some music while playing slot games was that crazy? or cool maybe?

-777 Jackpot even in dice

-How could someone imagine playing one of the famous game dice game having a 7.777 or 77.777 and your betID ends with 77 then you win the jackpot which is increasing every roll.

-BlackJack tournaments - Another coolest feature of is providing tournaments when you play blackjack in which players can earn their 5% wagered back.

-Bankroll Investment If you are much more of an investor then you can probably invest in their bankroll investment features. Off course, profit will be shared

Wagered status: The status being wagered are obviously crazy. Probably one of the biggest gambling site right now in the market.


Well, obviously the UserInterface of is just amazing a stunning black orange combination which makes the website cooler. As quote "simplicity is cool" i mean beauty.

Referral Program:

Most of the website is only giving up to 15% referral commission while crypto-games has 25% probably one of the highest referral programs in the gambling industry. You can still earn whether they win or lose as long as they made the bet.


Every system is not perfect as well as other gambling sites crypto-games do experience some problems also. Most of the complaint is all about fairness but it seems that crypto-games are still proving that they are probably fair that makes them more than 2 years in the industry.

Some payments issue also were being addressed to them but i think this kind of issue is just too normal for a large scale gambling site like

Conclusion: will be personally rated by me as 9/10. Probably not perfect but almost there. 2 years in the gambling industry is not that easy if you are on that stage surely has been proving something.

Note: Only put the amounts that you can afford to lose.